NEW BioAggregate®
   Root Canal Repair Filling Material

BioAggregate has been successfully developed a new
generation of a dental root canal filling material.  BioAggregate Root
Canal Repair Filling Material (BioAggregate®) is a fine white hydraulic
powder cement mixture for dental applications.  It utilizes the advanced
science of nano-technology to produce ceramic particles that, upon
reaction with water produce biocompatible and aluminum-free ceramic


The BioAggregate® Powder promotes a complicated set of reactions
upon mixing with BioA Liquid (deionized water), which leads to the
formation of a nano-composite network of gel-like calcium silicate
hydrate intimately mixed with hydroxyapatite bioceramic, and forms a
hermetic seal when applied inside the root canal.  


BioAggregate® has excellent handling characteristics after mixing with
water, which aids in a repair process of the affected tooth.  BioAggregate’s
radiopacity properties, convenient setting and hardening time and easy
workability and handling properties make it an ideal root canal filling
material. 6, 1gram BioAggregate is packaged in each box with 8 vials of BioA 
liquid with 6 mixing trays and spatulas.

* When iRoot series, BioAggregate powder is hydrated, the BioA Liquid precipates Calcium Phosphate, which is what comprises human bone.  During this reaction Hydroxyapatite is created and water is formed. The water supplied through this dynamic reaction contributes to the hydration reaction speed, and thus the setting time and strength of BioAggregate.

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